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Voice Reporting:
Become a Voice Writer using the Stenomask System for Court Reporting.

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Court Reporters are front and center at the most controversial and highly
publicized cases - criminal trials, millionaire divorces, federal government
corruption trials and lawsuits against everyone from heavy metal groups to
the "guy next door."

Some might think the court reporter's domain is limited to the courtroom, but there are many court-related matters reported outside the courtroom, as well as a variety of circumstances: Conventions, Conferences, Congressional hearings -- In fact, wherever the spoken word has meaning in an official way.
Court reporters are highly skilled professionals who use the latest technology to deliver a verbatim account of the spoken word, often instantly (real-time "instantly").

What does a Court Reporter do?

The basic function of a court reporter is to make VERBATIM notes of legal and other proceedings and reduce those notes to writing for interested parties. There is no more accurate means of producing an official record that exists that can compare to the combination of the court reporter's skills and the technology utilized by the reporter.

Skills need to be developed to enter this profession, but the rewards are great.

The Court Reporting School offers you the opportunity to learn this profession in your own home and still have live interaction with your instructor and fellow students.

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